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Honeys In High Heels PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dean Flewwellin   
Friday, 21 November 2008 12:16
                                       You can tell how a girl feels,
                                    When you see her in high heels!
Men love, and appreciate, women who wear high heels--no ifs, hands, or butts.   They just look sexier, which gives them a come-hither-look!   Men also know that hearing the click-click of heels walking across a floor demands a well deserved glance. 
Because, I'm here to tell you, that lazy or plain looking women cater strongly to their own comfort.   And high heels, my friends, are not comfortable to wear for most women.   However, there are those who put mind over matter and spend a lifetime creating beauty for the world around them--by sporting numerous pairs of sexually attractive high heels.   Men appreciate their dedicated efforts, and tend to reward these damsels of delicacy with appropriate attention--even love!
Now, research has proven that high heels tend to force a woman to thrust out her breasts more than normally.   Research also shows that men love it (and breasts)!   Thus, high heels equates to a Super Woman!
Stiletto heels  are a different story.   These taller and thinner heels are usually worn by the more aggressive women, which automatically creates raging hormones in most men.   Traditionally, men find it a wee bit uncomfortable to even hold a face-to-face discussion with these 'tall walkers,' mostly because they have a difficult time trying to separate the "Wow" from the "now."   Simply put.....men try to hold an intelligent or humorous discussion, when they really want to wrap you into their arms and kiss the ever-lovin'-stuffin' out of you.   Conflicting confabs!   Thus, stilettos are dangerous not only to men's minds, but also as a possible weapon to their bodies.   Not to worry though, men can handle it!
High heels help women to see better in crowds and also enhance their appearance in the business world.   Many men find that women sitting with their legs crossed and wearing glamorous high heels create a spectacular appearance.   Even the Moonbaby web site photos of two Moonbabes featuring high heels only automatically tells us that there are two beautiful women above those pretty ankles.
Another fantastic advantage to high heels is women wearing them to bed, and involving them in a romantic atmosphere.   High heels scratching down a man's back can greatly emphasize his overall sexual performance--I kid you not!
Even on the dance floor, high heels add to the overall sexiness of dancing.   Here again, research shows that for woman, dancing is a sexual experience.   Many men love dancing with women in high heels because it makes it easier for them to sail across the dance floor while holding both of the woman's butt cheeks.   Of course, this is mostly found during country/cowboy dances.  This romantic style is also utilized on apartment balconies and decks--to softer music.   This also allows men to hold their ladies closer and tighter, which most women tend to love, as well.
Tall women have a great tendency not to wear high heels, and Michelle Obama is one of them.   However, I knew  a woman six feet tall in her bare feet.   She loved to wear high heels continually--and always looked great! The persona she created was "statuesque," and was liked by everyone.   So much so, that she was invited to parties almost every night of the week, and attended many of them.   Of course, she did have a great fun-loving personality as an accessory to her high heels.    My being shorter never bothered us!    While on a Caribbean cruise, we were in line to greet the Captain, just before the "Captain's Dinner."   When I introduced her, the 6'4" Italian Captain stated, "This is the first time I've been able to greet a woman eye-to-eye!"   We all laughed!
One evening, during a national convention for the blind, I successfully led nine totally blind women in evening gowns and high heels three blocks to a dance.   We walked out of our hotel, crossed two streets, and into a hotel ballroom.   This was more about their capabilities than my eyesight.   Can you imagine their delicate sense of direction and balance, not to mention their complete trust in a stranger?   I have to admit, the colorful gowns did create a beautiful sight, and motorists automatically stopped to allow us all to cross the streets.
Nicely painted toenails and anklets also greatly enhance the wearing of high heels.   Combining high heels with wearing a bathing suit or short shorts also greatly enhances a woman's appearance.   And men who offer to take off a woman's high heels then slowly massage her feet, have a distinct advantage in the art of romantic moods.
Does all of this detailed information make me a real heel?   Or is this just a normal fetish?   In any case.....it's simply some good deals about high heels!

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eloiselatoof@aol.com - 09-10-2009 00:57

you've done it, again. i mean--entertained me. and, no doubt, countless others.
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Last Updated on Saturday, 22 November 2008 02:02